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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  April 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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follow this story. good morning. welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. in the words of larry miller, it's back to business, friends. that said, allyson, what have we got in store for an encore? >> it's kind of hard to beat this weekend's weather. it was sunny, nice. a little breezy. today even warmer. >> she's doing better. >> i know. >> we'll take it. >> lunch? >> i did have a picnic on the jackson memorial saturday afternoon. >> i thought that was an invite. i thought we were cueing up. >> no, it was not an invite. let's take a look how we're starting off. we're setting up for a great sunrise. if you did not get to enjoy the cherry blossoms over this weekend, i'm telling you find any way to get out there today. it's just going to be beautiful. we're at 53 degrees. some areas in the upper 40s. i am very short right now. we do have some clouds headed your way for today.
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a good mix of sun and clouds this afternoon but for the most part we are going to be looking at a nice afternoon, breezy at times. temperatures are starting off comfortable and we're headed to the mid-70s. count on that wind being a factor this afternoon but 75. we'll talk about rain headed your way for tomorrow coming up. all right, larry, over to you. >> thanks, allyson. we have a few delays you need to know on marc train. a couple of them. they'll be causing some delays for your morning commute. penn 401, 403 running 20 minutes late. brunswick train 870 running 10 minutes late this morning. so you want to plan accordingly. meantime we have an accident in burke right now. burke road at burke lake road where we have an issue out there. trying to get more information on that. meantime i want to let you know right now sky 9 in the air of dulles toll road. you can see things moving nicely. no delays in that area. andrea and nick, over to you. >> thank you, larry. this morning danielle and sasha meitiv are once again at the center of the free-range parenting debate. >> their 6 and 10-year-old kids
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were playing at a park unsupervised yesterday when they were picked up by child protective services. nikki burdine joins us live outside the cps office with more. we understand the kids are back with their parents this morning, right? >> reporter: yes, that's the good news. those children ages 6 and 10 are back home with their parents safely this morning. burr they spent hours here at montgomery county child ve services yesterday. it all started when their parents danielle and sasha dropped their kids off at a local park to play by themselves. now, this is nothing new to these parents. it's called free range parenting but not everyone agrees with that practice because someone called police to report children playing alone in a park. the kids were picked up and taken to cps by police but the problem is no one called their parents to say hey, your kids are safe, don't worry. when the thirn didn't come home by 6:00 yesterday, their parents were frantically searching for them. when they were actually at cps the entire time. >> they kempt the kids for
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hours. it's 10:30 at night. -- kept the kids for hours. it's 10:30 at night. they've been missing since 6:00. someone called 911. the police called cps and they decided to bring the kids here and they didn't call us. >> reporter: we asked police why they didn't just take the kids directly home when they picked them up. they said it's protocol to hand them off to cps. then we asked police why they didn't call the parents to say hey, your kids are just fine, they're safe and why they didn't let them know not to worry. well, they said once the investigation is handed over to cps, it's their responsibility to contact the parents. will these parents continue to practice free-range parenting and let their kids roam free? we asked them that question. we'll tell you what they had to say at 6:30. back to you in the studio. >> that story continues. nikki burdine, we'll check back with you soon. the mother after should veerly disabled man is expected to face charges of attempted murder. philadelphia police say nyia
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parker deliberately banned -- abandoned her quadriplegic son in the woods. >> she took him out. the wheelchair, laid him down, and put a bible with him and put a blanket over top of him. >> a passerby discovered the 21- year-old man five days later we're told dehydrated with several exposure-related injuries. 's recovering in a philadelphia hospital. later today we're expected to learn more about the arrest of a second suspect in the shooting of a police officer in anne arundel county. yesterday a woman was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit attempted murder. elson barb -- ellison barber is live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so they arrested a man who is 30 years old lay friday around 8:00 p.m. his name is colvin white. yesterday we learned that police had also had arrested a second suspect, a woman. her name is danielle blake. like you said, she was arrested on sunday. the officer they are accused of shooting and what they're
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saying is attempted murder is corporal larry adams. he's a ten-year veteran of the department. all of this happened friday morning just before 2:30. police say that someone inside a 7-eleven told corporal adams a suspicious man was standing outside of the store. the officer went to with that man and a struggle began. it ended with their officer shot in the chest and lying on the sides of east college parkway. colvin white is 30. danielle blake is 29. they're being held in the jennifer road detention center without bond. we are still learning a lot more details but expect to hear more this afternoon. police will hold a press conference right here at their headquarters at 1:00 p.m. in millersville, i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> thank you very much. switching gears here, candidates are officially lining up to join the race for president. next up we believe will be florida senator marco rubio who scheduled an event at miami's
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freedom tower. there it is expected he will announce he's running to seek the 2016 presidential nomination. >> with rubio entering the race, it's now three against one. that one democrat hillary clinton is headed to iowa today. she officially jumped into the presidential race sunday during a two-minute video. >> it's a waiting game to see which democrats will be willing to challenge the former secretary of state for the nomination. >> reporter: hillary clinton got into a van and started driving west sunday stopping to meet this family from michigan during a gas station stop in pennsylvania. the former first lady hit the road right after she announced she's ready to run again. >> i'm getting ready to do something, too. i'm running for president. >> reporter: clinton ended months of speculation after making her announcement sunday in a campaign video. the video hints at the strategy she'll use in her second run for. >> everyday americans need a champion and i want to be that champion.
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>> reporter: instead of massive rallies, she intended to start off with a voter centric approach trying to connect with everyday americans in spall groups in small towns. clinton's message will be a familiar one helping middle- class families get ahead and reducing income inequality. clinton's run for president comes with formidable challenges. she faces ongoing questions about the benghazi attack and a personal e-mail controversy. robes are ready. >> hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine. >> reporter: this new ad starts airing in iowa and three other early voting states today. florida senator marco rubio is expected to announce his candidacy for the republican ticket today joining senators rand paul of kentucky and ted cruz of texas. the former first lady says she'll use the next six to eight weeks to ramp up her campaign. she plans her first big rally in may. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. we're also expecting a decision sometime soon from former maryland governor martin
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o'malley on whether he'll enter the 2016 race. o'malley has been visiting key battleground states since leaving office in january. early voting starts today for special elections taking place in wards 4 and 8 in the district. the elections are being held to fill mayor bowser's seat and -- muriel bowser's seat and the late marion barry's seat. satellite locations open at malcolm x elementary and tacoma recreation center this saturday. the special elections will take place april 28. one more trip down magnolia lane for us today. jordan spieth says he cannot even fathom joining the club of green jackets or etching his name on the masters trophy. the 21-year-old did both yesterday at augusta national. he held off phil mickleson and justin rose with a 2 under 70 in the final round. closed out a historic weekend at augusta. when all is said and done, spieth set a masters record with 26 birdies and tied the
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best final score of all time at 18 under. he wins his first green jacket. >> wow. after the lost last year, we were waiting for him. >> don't call it a comeback. a disturbing video surfaces after sexual assault during spring break in florida. >> and social media reacts to the masters tournament. we're back after n. first let's check in with allyson. >> good morning. what a great start. it's cool. it's comfortable. a good bit of clear skies mixed in with some clouds. we're setting up for a great sunrise. temperatures are going to be even warmer this afternoon. i'll have all the details on
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welcome back. happy monday. what an absolutely gorgeous
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weekend. can we top it? you might. temperatures are headed to the mid-70s this afternoon and breezy. allergy sufferers, i'm right there with tree pollen still medium to somewhat high and mold at low. things look be washed away tomorrow with rain headed your way. 53 degrees right now. go have some clouds out there making for a nice sunrise. upper 40s, lower as. we're going to add about 20 degrees to that. here is your forecast. 73 to 78. a good mix of sun and clouds. it will be breezy and we'll track that rain coming up. larry, over to you. if you're going to be traveling southbound on i-270, looks like things starting to heat up mainly in clarksburg. that's where we're starting to see traffic build up gaithersburg toward the beltway. you want to be mindful of that. add about 10 to 15 minutes to your drive time if at all possible. a live look at i-270 at clarksburg road shows you some of the traffic we're starting to see but again it is moving. we're starting to see volume building up so be mindful of that. i want to let you know sky 9 is
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in the air at 66 at route 50 showing you some of the traffic out there. boy, it's getting busy out there. [ stand by for captions ] some golfers wait a lifetime. at 21 years old, he becomes the second youngest player ever to get fitted for a green jacket. checking the tag board on what happened at the masters, here's what you are saying about this win. nothing but positive things about the kids. spieth dominates the masters that shows golf is in good hands hands. it keeps on going. some little subtle shots. weldon jordan spieth but golf must be a terribly aging game.
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he's just 21 but there's the hairline. not a bad golfer is that jordan spieth kid. really, andre yarks i got a chance to -- andrea, i got a chance to speak with him last year. i asked him what does it feel like to be one of the rising stars and the big names on tour and he said i'm not. can't answer that. he also said now he's looking ahead to try and match bubble watson with his second green jacket. >> i hope he has an answer for that question about how it feels now. i'm sure he's still on cloud nine though. a great tournament. going to school? it's going to cost a little bit more for james madison university families. >> and a police shooting in tulsa, oklahoma is being reviewed by local prosecutors. wusa9 is back after this.
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right now there has been a double shooting of an unarmed brag man -- black man by a police officer. >> the police officer appears to acknowledge he made a mistake right after firing the shot. don dahler has more on what happened in tulsa, oklahoma. >> reporter: convicted felon
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courtney harris was involved in an undercover sting operation. when he saw police pull up, he ran. a pursuing officer wearing a body camera chased down and tackled harris. as other officers joined the struggle, the sheriff's department says one of them yelled a warning that he was about to use a taser. that was 73-year-old reserved deputy robert bates, an insurance executive and former police officer. he then pulled out what he said he thought was his taser. immediately afterward, a gunshot is heard on the video. [ shot fired [ ?cht. >> reporter: as is an apology from bates. >> i shot him. i'm sorry. >> reporter: as he lay bleeding, officers continued to cuff harris. when he complained of losing his breath, someone replied. harris was taken to a hospital where he died. bates is not allowed to perform any police activities while an
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investigation is ongoing. prosecutors are now reviewing the case. don dahler, cbs news, new york. two now suspended troy university students are behind bars this morning after cell phone video allegedly captured them gang raping a 19-year-old woman in panama city beach, florida. 22-year-old delo this te martistee are accused of the crime. police described unedited video as repulsive and sickening. a jury in new york is set to hear closing arguments in the trial of a man accused of killing etan patz. the man was arrested after making a confession to relatives. the defense claims the confession is false. he's accused of injuring a prince george's county police officer and then hitting and killing another driver.
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22-year-old larry hinson will be in court for the march incident in just a few hours t. happened on branch avenue in temple hills. hinson sped away during a traffic stop, hit an officer and then hit and killed another driver. another public university in virginia is hiking undergrad tuition. this time it's james madison university. the new tuition and fee increase starts next school year. in state students living on campus will pay $19,084. a 3.2%. out of state students living on campus will see a 2.6% hike to $34,218. don't miss your chance to see the cherry blossoms if full bloom. tomorrow is supposed to be the last peak day, the last weekend of the festival wrapped up yesterday with a ten miler. thousands of people flooded the tidal basin to soak in the the sun and see the flowers. >> technically we do this every year. i come to the cherry blossoms and look at the people and enjoy the beauty of the cherry
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blossoms. >> we expect a little rain to fall tomorrow which may be strong enough to knock off the blossoms from the trees. but for d.c. beyond the international stage really, what a time to shine. >> i was down there on saturday. it's -- it was absolutely packed but everyone is so excited to see it that you don't really mind the crowds at all. it was so beautiful out there. today is going to be even better, if you can imagine that. so mid-70s today. that's all ahead of the rain headed our way for tomorrow of course. so things get better and then we're going to see a little rain and some wind so that's not good for the flowers. let's take a look outside. what a gorgeous start here looking outside. just a few clouds out there. we're really setting up for a good sunrise. 53 degrees and a lot of spots are into the upper 40s. look where we're headed this afternoon, 75. yesterday we were only at 70 degrees. near 80 degrees for culpeper down to fredricksburg and over to orange. once you head to gaithersburg
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and westminster, 75 degrees. a nice southerly wind all ahead of this guy headed our way for tomorrow. showers and maybe a thunderstorm push on through as early as the morning rush but mainly during the afternoon and lingering into the evening rush of course. so we are going to see some clouds ahead of this move on in but it's a lot of sunshine out there and a little breezy at times. let's go through your futurecast so we can time out the rain headed your way for tomorrow. in the meantime clouds and a little bit of sun by 11:30. i think a lot of people will enjoy lunch time outside today. all the restaurants have their windows open, the doors open. it's just going to be another great afternoon. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, most areas are dry. it's once you head to the far north and west the showers are starting to approach the area. after lunch time here come the heavier downpours and a rumble of thunder. getting out fast by 9:30. tuesday looking at drier conditions. here's a look at the next three days. 66 for tuesday, yellow alert day. 69 degrees by wednesday. then the nats are home and temperatures into the 60s by
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thursday. 70s with a few showers on friday and the weekend looks good as well. all right, larry, good morning. good morning, allyson and good morning to you at home. your time 16:23. want -- is 6:23. want to let you know, metro riders, that the buses and trains running on schedule. good news there. for those of who you live in frederick, from buckeystown pike to montrose road, you're now looking at a 29-minute commute this morning. not bad all things considered. if you're going to be traveling eastbound on 66, delays building up in centreville and fairfax by the way. from urbana road to north lee highway, you're looking at a 54- minute -- o'bannon road to north lee highway, 54-minute commute. westbound on 50 in prince george's county from coolington road into -- collington road to north street northeast, 20 minutes. at 66 at route 50, folks, you can see this traffic just building up here. certainly not what you want to deal with on a monday but that
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is the reality that we have thus far. so if you can, add additional time to your drive time. anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, if even more if at all possible because these delays seem to be growing and growing. no major issues, no accidents precipitating this but clearly just some volume delays as folks are getting ready to head to school and/or work this morning. we'll send it over to you. lawmakers repeal a prohibition on marijuana paraphernalia. >> and four former secure contractors are scheduled to be sentenced today for their role in a mass shooting in iraq. we're people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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it is like having a dunkin' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. get two boxes of dunkin' k-cup packs for $16.99. your coffee, your dunkin'. at 6:27 here are some things you may have missed in the the news. four former black water security guards linked to the deadly shooting of civilians in iraq face sentencing. three are expected to go to prison for decades because of firearms convictions. a fourth convicted of first- degree murder could get life in prison. they plan to appeal for mercy. their lawyers claim they acted in defense of. flood insurance premiums are going up for those affected by hurricane sandy. a spokesman for the federal emergency management agency says the legislation is aimed at improving long-term civility
6:28 am
of the program. fema says the program is drowning in a sea of red ink. lawmakers in maryland have okayed a bill that decriminalizes the possession of marijuana-related paraphernalia. governor larry hogan still has to sign the measure. the state decriminalized the possession of less than ten grams of marijuana. keep that in mind lawmakers did not vote on the use of pair nil ya like pipes. we're talking about books that are most likely to be banned by schools in libraries. number one on the list the absolutely try diary of a part- time indian. that's followed by the graphic novel -- [indiscernible] number three on the list about two male penguins raising a baby penguin. maryland scientists have a new weapon to help track the spread of invasive plants. it's a smartphone app developed
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at the university of georgia. it enables scientists to send observations and other information about invasive plants to a mapping system at the university. four workshops will be held in maryland this year to teach people how to use the app. it is 6:29. this is a live look at the d.c. region. we're along the tidal bay sin. you can see the beautiful -- basin. you can see the beautiful cherry blossoms still in full bloom. temperatures will be near 70 today. some of larry miller's shots outsideshow there is definitely a case of the mondays going around. that means a perfect time for -- [ coughing ] >> i didn't say it. i'm just saying the weather looks really great and, you know-- >> in case you need vitamin d
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to recuperate. >> it's what the doctor orders. the cherry blossoms, they look so great. today is your day to head out there and enjoy them. tomorrow we're expecting some rain and the peak is over. beautiful. temperatures are into the 50s right now. we're going tomake about a 20 degree jump from where we are right now due to southerly winds. so we are going to see temperatures in the 70s. that's warmer than we were yesterday and the weekend. you couldn't top the weekend but you might today. on into the 40s for leesburg and manassas. 45 as you head down to andrews. take a look. here we go. 75 degrees by this afternoon. we will be breezy at times. the wind was around saturday and sunday. it will be around again today. i'll talk some rain for tomorrow coming up in just a bit. but larry, good morning. good morning, allyson. of course good morning to you at home. it's monday. your time right now is 6:31. i forgot my glasses by the way so i'm having trouble seeing. we have an accident on u.s. 50 westbound between collington road and church road overpass
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causing some delays. be mindful if you'll be traveling in affect people in bowie and mitchellville particularly so you want to plan accordingly. sky 9 right now showing us i-66 at the toll road. you can see looks like we have a situation going on there mainly in the form of delays. we're also keeping a close eye on another developing situation. i'll let you know how that shapes up. in the meantime want to give you a look at 95 and show you how things are shaping up there if you're going to be traveling northbound coming from areas like dale city, newington, even springfield toward the beltway. you're looking at a smooth commute. as you get closer toward the beltway, things tend to slow down as we have volume starting to build up in the area. so you want to make sure you plan accordingly. want to let you know also too metro running on time. the trains, buses running on schedule. we have a number of marc train delays. we'll talk about that coming up in less than ten minutes. over to you. >> all right, larry. later todays are we're expected to learn more about the arrest of a second suspect in the shooting of a police officer in anne arundel county. >> yesterday police arrested a woman and charged her with
6:32 am
conspiracy to commit attempted murder. allyson barber is live with the late nest this case. al -- latest in this -- elton barber is live with the latest in this case. >> reporter: a man is in custody. colvin white is 30 years old from annapolis, maryland. police arrested him late friday. then yesterday they arrested danielle blake. she is 29 years old. the officer who was injured is corporal larry adams. he has been upgraded from critical condition to serious condition but remains in the hospital at shock trauma in baltimore. the shooting happened a little after 2:00 a.m. on friday when police say corporal adams was on patrol and stopped by a 7-eleven in annapolis. someone inside of that store told him they saw a suspicious man standing just outside. he went to speak with that man and that's when police say the suspect ran. >> they both ran on foot away from the 7-eleven. at that time witnesses describe
6:33 am
hearing a gunshot. >> reporter: so initially police were just looking for one man. they said he was between 20 and 30 years old. as we know now, they have arrested two people. both are currently being held here in anne arundel without bond. we expect to learn a lot more about this case a little bit later today. police say they're going to hold a press conference right here at their headquarters at 1:00 p.m. in anne arundel, i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> thank you. meanwhile the family of a a mentally ill alexandria woman is demanding answers after new details are revealed about how she died. 34-year-old natasha mckenna died after a stun gun was used while she was in leg cuffs. this morning danielle and sasha meitiv are back at the center of the free-range parenting debate. >> that's because their children ages 6 and 10 were
6:34 am
playing at a park unsupervised yesterday when they were picked up by child protective services. nikki burdine is live outside child protective services offices in rockville with more. nikki, i can't imagine how frightening this must have been for the children. >> reporter: nor can i. these parents didn't know where their kids were for several hours. come to find out, they were here at montgomery county child protective services all along. you may remember this couple sasha and danielle. their decision to raise their kids on free-range parenting sparked a nationwide debate. yesterday afternoon it all came to a head once again. sasha and danielle took their children ages 6 and 10 to a local park, dropped them off and told them to be home by 6:00. this is something they do all the time. when they were not home by 6:30, the parents started to panic and searched for their kids. it wasn't till after 8:00 that the parents received a call from child protective services saying their children had been taken into custody. the parents rushed here and waited until 10:30 last night when they were finally reunited
6:35 am
with their kids. turns out montgomery county police had picked the children up after they received a tip to check on unattended children in a park. >> the policeman said we'll give you a right home when we were like two blocks away. so we got into the car. then about two and a half hours later after sitting in the car for two and a half hours, he said okay, i'm going to bring you home. instead he brang us here. >> reporter: were you and your sister scared? what happened to you guys? >> we were kind of scared. but-- >> we're going to go home. >> reporter: we asked the police why they didn't just take the kids directly home after they picked them up. they said it was protocol to hand them over to cps. then we asked why they didn't just call their parents and say hey, we have your kids, they're safe. they said it's actually the
6:36 am
responsibility of cps once they take over the investigation to call parents and let them know. we also asked those parents will they plan on practicing free-range parenting letting their kids roam around by themselves once again. they said no, not right now because they were required to sign a contract. that's the latest here in montgomery county, back to you in the stiewld crow. >> more to -- studio. >> more to come on this. thank you. call this automatic monday for metro's red line trains. today is the day they return to automatic operation. it comes after years of signal upgrades, independent testing and compliance with federal safety vegs. metro stopped automated trains in 2009 after nine people were killed in a red line crash near fort totten. metro says the entire fleet could soon follow suit after a future software upgrade. today metro is also talking about the debut of its 7000 series trains. the next generation trains are set to hit the tracks tomorrow starting on the blue line. just after 7:00 a.m. an eight-car train made up
6:37 am
entirely of the 7000 series models is scheduled to depart from franconia-springfield. 6:37. time to congratulate our facebook fan of the day. robert winstead of alexandria. robert says i love tricia yearwood. robert, you're going to win a tricia yearwood cookbook and album. >> you can follow robert's lead if you're our next winner. just go to our wusa9 facebook page and fill out the form. >> it is nice out here. temperatures are headed to the 70s. i'm tracking rain.
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good morning. a live look outside, there are some clouds out there. through the day we'll see a good mix of sun and clouds. a lot of clouds especially as you head on to the north and west. more on the clear side as you head farther south in southern maryland and the northern neck. lower 50s. take a quick look at your forecast. i'll have your full seven-day. rain arrives tomorrow but temperatures don't dip too much. over to you, larry. looks like an accident i told you about earlier on 50 westbound now a disabled vehicle that's been moved over to the shoulder. this is 50 west at church road -- the church road overpass. you want to be mindful of that.
6:41 am
looks like it's not causing any major delays. just minor slowdowns but you should be able to get past it without too many troubles. we'll send it back to andrea and >> thanks, larry. brace yourself for the buzz. an a-list couple welcomes a new child and a rapper is arrested on drug charges. arienne is here to get us caught up. >> silas sip better lake is -- timberlake is here. jessica biel and justin timberlake had their son over the weekend. it's a family name. kind after cute name. it's a very celebrity name. >> well, it's not apple. >> or blue or north. now the next thing will be to a picture of the back. we're all waiting for that. >> they didn't pull the instagram post?
6:42 am
>> they didn't. he kissed the belly and maybe there will be an instagram picture of him kissing the baby but i highly doubt it because they are so private. let's get to some bad news for fans. they got to see bobby brown but he had to leave his daughter's side. >> bobby christina is still -- bobby kristina is still in a coma. bobby brown went to perform. it is the first time he left atlanta to my knowledge and he went right back to atlanta as soon as he was done with the performance. he told the crowd thank you for your support, for supporting the family and thinking of him. he said obviously this is one of the hardest times of his life and he just doesn't even know what's going to happen. so sad. >> nelly going down, down. >> he was arrested on drugs charges in tennessee over the weekend in my home state. >> and weapons too. >> weapons, too. there were guns on his tour bus. the funny thing is my fiance said wow, i can't believe nelly is on tour. i said that's what you can't
6:43 am
believe out of this story? who's going to see him? of course his lawyer is going to fight the charge. this is not nelly's stuff. when you role with an entourage, this is what happens. >> take means tour on pause, though. >> i don't think there are going to be a lot of fans that be disappointed. i think they'll be okay. >> arienne with the very latest. much appreciated. the real life itch perfect. >> what it takes to hit the high notes on a college
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♪ such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together.
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6:46. time to see what our friends over at cbs this morning are covering. >> one of our best friends charlie rose is live in new york with a preview. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, nick and andrea. ahead we'll talk about politics, the future host of face the nation. john dickerson with us talking about hillary clinton's presidential campaign and what she needs to do to connect with voters the second time around. plus, we'll talk with 21-year- old jordan spieth after his big
6:47 am
masters win and this, the top a cappella team from around the world are competing this week for the international title. ben tracy follows one group to find out how college singing is becoming cool. all that and more. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. did you see the masters, andrea? >> yes, we watched every minute of it. he won't say how hold my mother is but she even was watching the masters. >> that was great. >> we'll see how he celebrated him. >> ask him if he went to sleep in the probably fell asleep. >> all right, charlie, we'll be watching. why go to sleep when you have days like this. this stretch, impressive. >> saturday was so great. i was at the cherry blossoms and thought how wonderful it was. >> you had the pick nip sunday? >> i had the pick nip saturday. -- picnic saturday. sunday was even better. today we have to go back to
6:48 am
work but some people will find themselves outside with the extended lumpleg. we'll see -- lunch. we'll see temperatures back to the mid-70s. a gorgeous day. check out the cherry blossoms if you can because tomorrow we have rain. then the peak is over. there it is. the tidal basin looking beautiful. lots of sunshine expected. we do have some clouds out there this morning. a good mix of sun and clouds as we head through the afternoon. it's not going to be blue skies like what we saw on saturday and sunday but good enough. 53 degrees and winds are out of the south and they'll continue out of the south keeping us into the mid-70s. breezy at times this afternoon, too. 48 degrees in gaithersburg. martinsburg you're at 50 degrees. winchester 50. 46 for manassas. culpeper you're at 45. baltimore 43. a nice cool start and warm finish to the end. a typical spring day and spring showers headed our way for tomorrow, tuesday. you can see it moving through chicago and that's going to be here by tomorrow lunch time. so tomorrow's lunch probably not as comfortable as today's lunch. let's time it out for you on the futurecast. a mosley dry day today, owe
6:49 am
owes mostly dry day today -- a mostly dry day today. by tomorrow morning, cloudy skies. you're not going to run into rain tomorrow morning till you head way off to the the north and west. as we head through lunch time, showers are approaching 95, approaching the beltway. by tomorrow evening dodge something heavy downpours, even a rumble of thunder. by tuesday night it kicks on out of here and wednesday drier, just a little bit cooler than it is today. 75, breezy with sun and clouds today. 66 for tomorrow, yellow alert. by wednesday 69. we stay into the 60s for thursday when the nats return and we'll see a nice weekend. larry, over to you. want to let you know sky 9 is makingity way to an accident on -- making its way to an accident on old georgetown road. we'll bring that you around 6:55. if you're going to be hopping on metro, the trains and buses running on schedule. good news there. for those of you traveling southbound on i-270, you're looking at a smooth commute but we do have volume starting to build in the clarksville area.
6:50 am
you're looking at a 33-minute commute this morning. eastbound on 66, james madison highway to north lee highway, a 55-minute commute. we have seen a lot of volume build up on 66 eastbound today. kind of unusual. again, no accidents on i-66, just volume delays so be mindful of that. northbound on 95 from prince william parkway up to backlick road, you're looking at a 15- minute commute this morning. if you're going to be traveling westbound on 50 going through areas like bowie, going through mitchellville from mlk jr. highway to m street northwest, you're looking at a 17-minute commute. let's step out live. this is connecticut avenue inner and outer loop at the beltway. you can see traffic is flowing. no issues to report there. certainly good news there in that area. i want to take you to some other cameras that we have, this is in southern maryland, 301 at route 5. this would be brandywine, folks in la plata, in that area, oxon hill. you're looking at a smooth commute as well. volume starting to build up on
6:51 am
301. let's send it back to andrea and nick. early voting begins today in the district. >> metro returns to automation. we're people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start
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i'm nikki burdine in montgomery county where parents sasha and danielle meitiv are in hot water this morning accused of child neglect. it started yesterday when the parents dropped off their kids at a park to play by themselves unattended. this is something they do all the time. it's called free-range parenting but someone called police to check on those children. those kids were picked up and brought here to child protective services. the problem is no one called those parents to let them know their kids were okay so it was several hours before those kids were finally reunited with their parents. those children are no longer allowed to be free-range parented because those parents had to sign a contract with child protective services till police can follow up. a new day, another presidential announcement expected tonight. florida senator marco rubio has scheduled an event at miami's freedom tower. he's expected to announce he's seeking the 2016 republican
6:55 am
press noangs nomination -- presidential nomination. he'll join fellow senators rand paul and ted cruz. back in the district early voting begins today for special elections in wards 4 and 8. the elections are being held to fill mayor muriel bowser's seat and the late marion barry's seat. you can cast your ballots at judicial square today and also takoma park rec center and malcolm x elementary school this saturday. metro returns to automated travel. they stopped automation when nine people were killed in fort totten. operators will still be in charge of opening and closing doors. most of the lines won't return to automatic operation till late 2017. enjoy today. another great one. a few more clouds hanging out there but we'll see enough
6:56 am
sunshine by this afternoon, 75 degrees. breezy at times. rain arrives tomorrow mainly during the midday carrying on through your evening rush. gets out of here for wednesday. the nats are home by the weekend into the weekend. the only day we could probably see a little rain is on friday for those games. i think the thing of the day is kind of unusual volume we're seeing today. when i was in our little traffic chat a moment ago, no issues on 395, 295. mainly in the maryland side once you start getting toward the district we're starting to see volume there. 50 free and clear, that disabled vehicle has been moved off the road. want to give you a live look right now at connecticut avenue. this is the inner and outer loop. traffic is moving there but if you can add additional time to your drive time, i would suggest you do because we're seeing volume we don't normally see. cbs this morning is next with a look at the growing list of presidential candidates. >> omar villafranca is live from augusta with more on the
6:57 am
2015 masters champ jordan spieth, what the 21-year-old has to say. larry and i will be back in 25 minutes with your weather and traffic. >> you can get your news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day on your wusa9 mobile app. >> later on this afternoon when allyson and i will be with you again, have a great morning. >> perhaps a pit stop by the tidal basin.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good rnmoing. it is monday april 13th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton sets off on a road trip she hopes will end at the white house. the next house of "face the nation," john dickerson, on whether she'll connect with voters. new video showing a sheriff's deputy killing a black man in oklahoma. police say he thought he was using a taser. and it's history at the masters. jordan spieth dons his first green jacket. we'll talk to the 21-year-old who says he wants more. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90


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